Monday, December 24, 2012

My First Wedding Video

My first* wedding video. My partner in this venture is Ryan Sherwood of Sure Would Films and Blue Lobster Productions (along with his partner Max). We're looking forward to two more weddings we have lined up (so far).  I'm guessing we can only get better as time goes on.  Ryan did all of the editing of this trailer, and only consulted with me after an original rough draft which is nearly indistinguishable from the final result (that's how good his original was).  I do notice a little bit of a lull at a particular point, but other than that it came out rather nicely, especially for a first try. Most of the footage is admittedly Ryans, as my camera was used mainly for the constant during the ceremony.  Ryan and Max shot with Canon T3i's and I with a Canon XA10. It was edited with Adobe Premier Pro.
Grace & Anthony Wedding Highlights from Ryan Sherwood on Vimeo.

[Please view this video larger by clicking Play, then pointing to the upper, left corner of the video, where the title appears; Click on that title, and it'll take you to the YouTube site on which it was uploaded. There you can also enlarge it even more]

The bride and groom Grace and Anthony were fabulous! And the venue, Linden Place, Bristol, Rhode Island was very nice. The Lord provided a lovely day.

The music is "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane.

*Technically it's my second, as I recorded my stepdaughter's wedding, but I did so only with a Kodak Playsport mini-cam, and it was done before I had any formal training in video and editing.

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