Thursday, December 20, 2012

Studio Production Final Project

Final project for Studio Production class at NEIT. The assignment is a television show with 3-4 segments, with commercial breaks, intro, outro, lower thirds, etc.

[Please view this video larger by clicking Play, then pointing to the upper, left corner of the video, where the title appears; Click on that title, and it'll take you to the YouTube site on which it was uploaded. There you can also enlarge it even more]

It's a bit of a mess, but I'm grateful to everyone who contributed.

Features: Interview with Brian Bouyea, filmmaker, producer-director of "Famous"; some live music from The Ragtag Band (formed five minutes before shooting); voice over comedy skit using a 1940's PSA.

The music from the Ragtag Band is original, and was basically created on the spot, and the host had seen the script only five minutes before the shoot.

The voiceover segment (for which I wrote the script) is from a 1940's PSA, and is in the Public Domain.

Special thanks to our guest, filmmaker Brian Bouyea, and to our instructor Mark Foley, who stood in as host for the interview when we were short a student.

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