Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Musical Progress and a Return to After Effects

After Effects is a fabulous program, and I'm glad I've reintroduced myself to it. I'm still rather amateurish in my use of it, but I believe that I've progressed in different aspects with almost every video. Some I do admit are boiler plate standards that I've invented and have employed just to get a collab that I'm proud of out for people to see, and especially to hear.

I'm not a great vocalist, but I think I'm fairly decent. And it's truly an enjoyable hobby.

Since my previous post (about 5 months ago)I've done considerably more songs, and created quite a few videos. I'm at over 130 "collabs" currently, and have released nearly 40 videos of those songs.

Here's a few of them that I've liked in particular. As always please click the title, rather than the image, and you'll get a full-screen view. It's always nice to see the details up close :)

So from older to newer ...

PINK FLOYD - WAITING FOR THE WORMS (from the album and motion picture)
In this video I recreated the Gerald Scarfe animations. I did this by ingesting the original videos into After Effects and then layering my own images over it, and then frame-by-frame matching the movements and angles, and a reasonable facsimile of the imagery. I've also included a link to a YT video of that segment (on another person's account) just so you can do a comparison, here (it's set to start at the beginning of the mimicked animation:

Not much in the individual frame animations (in fact none -- only rearrangement from the original to a degree) but I created some simple animations, such as the little boat on the water, and some text animations, etc.

A little more advanced in animation and the rules of animation. Notice that the wheels roll in the proper direction of the panel movements, etc. Some mirroring of different panels to make it more symmetrical (they are different panels, which can be observed by the difference in actions by the musician, only one of them is flipped).

That should be enough for today. I'll try to pop on again in a week or so and toss in three more that I think are reasonably good.  Thanks for watching and listening :)

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