Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's been a while since I've posted anything, especially since most of what I work on is proprietary, nor is it my own camera work, and therefore not really legitimate to post.

However, in my spare time I've been doing a bit of singing on the social network called Bandhub.  I joined in October of last year, and have at this point been involved in nearly 40 "collabs".  I'm beginning to get in fairly high demand for doing lead vocals, and it's pleasing to know that people have confidence in my musical vocal abilities.

Other than singing though, I can contribute scarcely more, as I don't play any instrument.  But I've found a different way to contribute and that is to take the "Brady Bunch" view that you get from a finished collab, and using the raw materials I create a slightly more interesting music video that the participating artists might use to promote themselves hither and yon.

Here's what I mean by Brady Bunch view:

There's actually another equally-sized image of the rest of the participants in this particular collab, but this should suffice for you to get the idea. And the final product ...

As always, please click on the broken rectangle icon at the bottom right of the YouTube video screen to make the video full screen, and when it's done, simply press Esc on your keyboard.

I've made several other videos, not only of the collabs in which I've participated (though that's my primary MO), but I've also been so thrilled with the performances of other BHer performances that I've volunteered my services.

And now I'm beginning to get requests for those, but unlike playing or singing in a collab, these videos can take anywhere from 4.5 to 6 or more hours to create, depending on their complexity.

But anyway, it's a lot of fun -- both performing the music and creating the videos.

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