Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flying Eyeball

That's about the size of it.  I drew all of the individual parts of the creature on blank index cards, using coloured pencils; scanned them; opened them up in Photoshop and trimmed them.  I probably should've drawn out two different wings to give it more, but it was just for the sake of doing a little animation practice so I just duplicated the one and mirrored it for the other side.  Then I animated each part, in After Effects, using the Puppet Warp Tool on the talons and tail.

The music is by Claude Debussy, and borrowed from
with full permission, as all of the music there is in the public domain.

As usual, you'll get more enjoyment from this video if you click on the little FULL SCREEN icon, situated between the Vimeo logo, and HD, at bottom, right of the screen.

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