Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Revised Animated Logo

I created an improved and revised version of the animated logo. It's no longer "Hare in the Moon Productions" but "Shawn Hare Productions" as per the name of this blog, and the title image.  I made some changes to the animation.  Basically I started over, though using the same materials as in the first attempt.  This time though I angled the first two jumping bunnies, so that they leap toward the camera; the front (icon) bunny has been darkened; the moon glow has been intensified; and the sound effects have been slightly altered.

[Please view this video larger, clicking Play, then pointing to the upper, left corner of the video, where the title appears; Click on that title, and it'll take you to the YouTube site on which it was uploaded. There you can also enlarge it even more]

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