Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quarter 2 Final Grades

   I got my final grades for the Spring Quarter of 2012.  While not the 4.0 that I achieved for the Winter Quarter, it's still a nice 3.87, resulting in a cumulative GPA of 3.93.

   I'm quite happy that Algebra is over and done with.  The only other math (that I know of) which I'll need to complete at some point is "Business Math", whatever precisely that is.

   What I intend to do in the meantime, is to use the available resources online, to exercise and further hone my skills in After Effects, and digital editing.  It's really too bad that NEIT offers no advanced courses available in these two subjects -- that, along with an advanced Photoshop course; all of which would be highly valuable in setting NEIT students even further ahead of the curve, for the job marketplace.

   Speaking of job marketplace, I might want to look into getting some part time work, to help supplement the very small amount I'm collection from unemployment.  I'm allowed a small amount without it affecting those payments, and that's about all I'm looking for anyhow, for gas money, and lunches at school.

   Thanks for your continued interest.  Any financial gifts specified to my tuition are greatly appreciated, as this is not a cheap education.

   On another note, I'm a bit annoyed at the reading of the information concerning the graduation commencement, for those receiving their diplomas, this coming June 8th.  Firstly, it's on a Sunday morning.  Are they unaware that many people attend worship on Sunday mornings?  I hardly think that's possible.  The commencement begins at 11:00, but the students are to be there at 9:45.

   To make matters worse, there's not only (at least) one road race going on in downtown Providence (the commencement is being held at the Providence Convention Center), but there's also a circus being set up at the "Dunk".  It should turn out to be a real traffic nightmare.

   I'm thinking of speaking to whomever it is that plans these things, and seeing if next year's event can be held on a Saturday, elsewhere (why not Twin River Casino?), and not when there's a bloody road race (et al) going on.  Is that not a more reasonable way to go about it?

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