Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teaser Trailer (FRAGMENTS)

This assignment was to be a short version of the previous tailer, either 90 or 60 seconds long, rearranged, etc.  I figured since my original was only slightly over two minutes, doing one at 90 wouldn't be a sufficient challenge, so I opted for the 60 second version. The only criticism I got from the instructor was that it might've been too wordy; that perhaps leaving some space between the voice over narration and the on-screen action would've been more effective, and less taxing on the viewer.
[Please view this video larger by doing thusly: Click on the image of the video above; then move your cursor to the top left of that little screen and click on the title of the video; this will bring up the original video at YouTube; there you may also enlarge it by clicking the rectangular icon in the bottom right corner of that screen]

Most people tend to like this one better than the original, as it sort of tells the story a little more clearly.

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