Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My First Newscaster Role for Radio I Class

Our mid-term project was to collaboratively create a radio show with a certain number of liners, sweepers, songs, with news, weather, sports, and traffic report, along with station ID. I took the role of Newscaster, which meant that I had to write 6-7 short news stories from real news, create two "voicers" in ProTools that would accompany two of the stories, and deliver them live, along with sports and weather. The first 8 seconds is a liner at the end of a song (I've purposefully left out all copyrighted material, such as the music) is Sean Murphy (who was the DJ) introducing me for the news, and then following my news report at 3:41 is a sweeper created by Erik Gharaee (Production Manager) and Sean Murphy. For the Record, Kelly Dwyer was the Program Director, and Zach Barron was in charge of creating commercial spots.

Because this blog is about showcasing my talents (not to mention that the entire show was 35 minutes long, including a bunch of copyrighted music), this is the result of my efforts, earning me a "100" grade, and plenty of fine comments from my instructor John Buckley: "As good as it gets. First of all the stories you chose were excellent. Second, the writing of the stories was terrific and finally, your delivery was pitch perfect. I could really tell that you had practiced this; your delivery was straightforward, a little folksy and easy to understand."

An image of me is provided simply to accompany the audio.

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