Thursday, October 4, 2012

M&M's Radio Spot for Audio I class

This is my "Audio I" final project.  The rules were: a 30 second radio spot, for whatever product or service I wanted; with at least three sound effects; background music; and narration.  With all the other stuff going on, I was tired of thinking of new ideas plus worrying over the production itself, so I chose something I recently found and enjoyed, M&M's Dark Chocolate candies.  For purposes of presentation, the visual is kept simple, as it's a radio spot, and therefore there'd be no visual if it were really applied.  Both voices in the piece are done by me.  For the female, I just spoke as much like a woman as I could, and then with some software, kicked it up one full note.  I recorded, and did the one-note-boost in Audacity, at home, but mixed it all in Pro Tools at school.
Well, here's the spot.  I hope you enjoy it.

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