Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lighting Exercises

Part of my quarter final exam in the course FIELD SHOOTING/LIGHTING; exhibiting four types of lighting: 3D Modeling Lighting, Dramatic Lighting, Flat Lighting, Silhouette Lighting.

The actors are Sean Murphy, and a basket of ivy.

I chose to add a little interest to it by including the solo portion of the song "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" by Pink Floyd, but rather than simply posting it, I chose to attempt to do it Bobby McFerrin style, though this is nowhere near what such a master as Bobby can do.  If I had more time to work on it, and finesse it a bit, and if I actually knew how to read music (this is simply done by memory and guessing at how it might go -- you can tell I'm way off on parts with the "organ" parts) it might be be a bit more listenable.  But anyway ...

[Please view this video larger, clicking Play, then pointing to the upper, left corner of the video, where the title appears; Click on that title, and it'll take you to the YouTube site on which it was uploaded. There you can also enlarge it even more]

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