Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teaser Trailer (FRAGMENTS)

This assignment was to be a short version of the previous tailer, either 90 or 60 seconds long, rearranged, etc.  I figured since my original was only slightly over two minutes, doing one at 90 wouldn't be a sufficient challenge, so I opted for the 60 second version. The only criticism I got from the instructor was that it might've been too wordy; that perhaps leaving some space between the voice over narration and the on-screen action would've been more effective, and less taxing on the viewer.
[Please view this video larger by doing thusly: Click on the image of the video above; then move your cursor to the top left of that little screen and click on the title of the video; this will bring up the original video at YouTube; there you may also enlarge it by clicking the rectangular icon in the bottom right corner of that screen]

Most people tend to like this one better than the original, as it sort of tells the story a little more clearly.

Monday, March 4, 2013

FRAGMENTS (trailer)

This is my final project for Digital Filmmaking at New England Institute of Technology. The assignment: Create either a short film of no more than 7 minutes long; or create a trailer to a hypothetical film at about 2-3 minutes in length. I had a story idea which I didn't believe would fit into 7 minutes so I went for the trailer idea.

[Please watch this in full resolution for best enjoyment. You may do so by clicking on the image above, and then holding your mouse pointer toward the upper left of the image and clicking the title. This will take you to the YouTube page, where you may also enlarge it full screen, by clicking the rectangular icon in the bottom left of the movie screen.]

My partner for this project was Dennis Cabral. Dennis drew all of the storyboards, helped with shooting and audio editing choices.

It was shot entirely with a Canon T3i, using both the kit lens 18-55mm; and a Rokinon 35mm Cinema lens. I created all (but the "Dice Out" animated logo) of the animated graphics, and edited it with Adobe CS6 Production Premium, using After Effects, and Premier. I used Audition a little, as well as Audacity.

I posted this ahead of time, but I'm assuming that we got an "A" for it (so long as we get all of the necessary paperwork completed on time).  The final results shall be confirmed in a couple of weeks when I get my grade.

All music and SFX are original, or from Public Domain, or from the Valentino SFX and Music Collection (which I have access to through school).

Thanks so much to my friends and family for their acting abilities, who spent so much of their valuable time to help me with this project. Bless you.