Friday, March 23, 2012

Script Writing

My first script writing assignment was to be a 30 second commercial on "The Wheel".
I got 100% on this, and many nice comments written upon it by my instructor John Cormier.
I got wind a few days after passing it in, that Mr Cormier was showing it off to his fellow teachers.
I got a mighty fine feeling from that.

Above is the Story Board format.

Below, I also include the other format that this same commercial was to appear in the Two Column format.

The Story Begins

Every story has a beginning.
This is the beginning, the Lord willing, of my new career in television and film production.
My story begins in being laid off from a dead-end, under paid, under appreciated 12-year (plus) job situation in which I was in, and from which, through God's kind providence, in the midst of recession, I was laid off.  There I was, looking for a new job in newspapers, Internet, friends, etc., when it struck me.  Am I going to just look for another job, which I might very well find myself hating (though that never stopped me from doing my best), even feeling nauseous about going to each and every morning?  What would I do if I could do anything I wanted?  Well, treasure hunting, as fascinating as that might seem, would not be agreeable to the wife, and I can't say it'd very well fit into my own life for numerous reasons. But the second thing I thought of was that which I've always had an interest, which is motion pictures and television -- really all aspects of it, from acting in front of the camera to being involved in one or more of the many and diverse positions which exist behind the camera.

So I did my research, found New England Institute of Technology had an Associate and a Bachelor degree program in Video & Audio Production / Digital Recording Arts.  I checked with my unemployment insurance, and the course was approved for me to attend, and collect at the same time.  So I became a full time student, beginning on January 3rd, 2012.

This is where the story begins.